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CAREX Coordination action for research activities on life in extreme environments (as associated partner)

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Life in Extreme Environments is an emerging area of research in which Europe has considerable expertise but a relatively fragmented research infrastructure. The science of such environments has enormous relevance for our knowledge of the diversity and environmental limits of microbial, plant and animal life and the novel strategies employed for survival and growth. Such studies are essential in understanding how life established on the early Earth and in assessing the possibilities for life on other planetary bodies. These environments are also a rich source of novel exploitable compounds.

CAREX (Coordination Action for Research Activities on life in Extreme Environments) is a FP7 Coordination Action funded for three years (2008 to 2010). This project tackles the issues of enhancing coordination of life in extreme environments research in Europe by providing networking and exchange of knowledge opportunities to the scientific community and by developing a strategic European research agenda in the field.

In its developments, CAREX intends to involve key European and international experts in the field of research on life in extreme environments. CAREX’s network includes 58 European and non-European partners from 23 countries.

CAREX is a truly interdisciplinary initiative as its approach to life in extreme environment research covers microbes, plants and animals evolving in various marine, polar, terrestrial extreme environments as well as outer space.

CAREX is managed by a consortium of nine core partners. The British Antarctic Survey is the project coordinator and the European Science Foundation hosts the Project Office.

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British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
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