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Projects with IMBG involvement

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Title Coordinating Institute Begin of project (Year)sort icon End of project (Year) Funding Source
Saving wooden shipwrecks in the Mediterranean marine ecosystem: Research, development and application of innovative methods of in situ protection (MERMAID) Technological School of Athens 2012 2015
MicroB3 Jacobs University Bremen 2012 EU FP7
SYMBIOMICS: Symbiotic bacteria and “omics” technologies towards the development of novel and environment-friendly control methods of insect pests: the case of the Mediterranean fruit fly University of Ioannina 2012 2015 Thalis, National Grant
Genomic and functional approaches for the understanding of resistance to insect and acarean pesticides and development of applications for their control University of Crete 2012 2015 Thalis, National Grant
SEABIOTECH From sea-bed to test-bed: harvesting the potential of marine microbes for industrial biotechnology University of Strathclyde 2012 2016 EU-FP7
VECTORS Plymouth Marine Laboratory 2011 2015 EU FP7
Environmental monitoring of Sewage water Treatment Plant of Heraklion City IMBG 2011 2012 Water Board Authority of Heraklion City
MAPMED University of Cagliary 2011 2014 ENPI CBCMED
VECTORS Plymouth Marine Laboratory 2011 2015 EU FP7
Euromarine: From Genes To Ecosystems University of Gothenburg (SE) (Mike Thorndyke) 2011 2013 EU FP7
COPEWELL University of Crete 2011 FP7 Framework
Genetic characterisation and the influence of aquaculture on native European seabass populations in Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus 2011 2014 Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) of Cyprus
ViBRANT Natural History Museum (London) 2010 2013 EU FP7
HELBIONET Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics 2010 2011 General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministry of Development
EMBOS 2010 2012 EU, COST funding instrument
EVAMAP IMBG 2010 2011 GSRT-Egide, Joint research and Technology Programmes, ESPA
Development of a marine protected zone with artificial reefs in the marine area of Kasteli Kissamos (N. Crete Island) Institute of Aquaculture (HCMR) 2010 2010 Chania Prefecture (Crete)
Environmental Monitoring of Sewage Water Treatment Plants of Santorini Island IMBG 2010 2010 Water Board Authority of Santorini island
REPROSEL NOFIMA, Norway 2010 2012 EU FP7
Environmental Education of Young people on Sailing Trips Nautical Club of Gazi 2010 2010 Greek General Secretariat for Youth
PESI Zoological Museum Amsterdam 2009 2011 EU FP7
ISOSOIL Contaminat Specific Isotope Analysis as sharp environmental-forensics tools for site characterization, monitoring and source apportionment of pollutants in soil Stockholm University 2009 2012 EU-FP7
HERMIONE Hotspot ecosystem research and man’s impact on European Seas (Scientific Responsible of HCMR-Genetics) National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK 2009 2012 EU-FP7
Metagenomic Analysis of Kolumbo Volcano (Aegaen Sea) Joint Genome Institute, Department of Energy, USA (Dr. Nikos Kyrpides) 2009 2011 Department of Energy, USA (Dr. Nikos Kyrpides)
GrowCod: Impact of photoperiod and sexual maturation on growth performanceof Atlantic cod – a genomic perspective Nordland University Bodo, Norway 2009 2013