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Environmental services

The Institute provides services in the following sectors:

  • Monitoring of water quality of swimming beaches 
  • Microbiological tests of bottled drinking waters
  • Marine Pollution Monitoring of underwater outfalls (e.g., sewage, power plants, desalination facilities)
  • Conservation and Sustainable Management of marine biological resources (e.g., commercial sponges)
  • Development of marine protected zones with artificial reefs
  • Development of underwater parks making use of artificial reefs for recreational purposes

It should be noted that a major activity of the Institute concerns the development of innovative products, methods and services in the rapidly expanding sector of marine environmental technology. One such is the development of an innovative system for the foundation of piles in sedimentary environments, a system which has clear advantages over other classical foundation methods and covers a wide range of applications in the coastal environmental protection, aquaculture and coastal defence works. The new system is protected by a European patent in 13 countries and new innovative applications are under development. Work on commercialisation of the product continues. 

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