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Researchers currently employed at IMBG

Name Expertise /Research Interests Contact
Christos Arvanitidis's picture
Christos Arvanitdis
Senior Researcher
Marine Biodiversity
Functional Diversity
Biodiversity Informatics
Transitional Ecosystems
Quality control and assessment of the coastal marine ecosystems
+30 2810 337748
Costas Dounas's picture
Costas Dounas
Research Director
Structure and dynamics of macrobenthic and benthopelagic assemblages
Marine biodiversity (crustaceans, sponges, polychaets)
Coastal Zone Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Marine Pollution Monitoring
Marine Protected Zones
Fishing gear effects
Marine Environmental Technology and Innovation
Artificial reefs research and applications
+30 2810 337814
lucia fanini's picture
Lucia Fanini
Research fellow
Ecology of Sandy Shores
Animal Orientation and Navigation
Environmental Education
Human impacts on sandy shores
Panagiotis Kasapidis's picture
Panagiotis Kasapidis
Associate Researcher
Population Genetics
Phylogeography, Phylogeny
Conservation Genetics
+30 2810 337718
Georgios Kotoulas
Research Director
Yolanda Koulouri's picture
Panayota (Yolanda) Koulouri
Associate Researcher
Ecology of BBL macrofauna
Fishing gear effects on BBL macrofauna
Marine biodiversity (Crustacea, Mollusca)
Coastal Zone Management (CZM)
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
Artificial reefs
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
Marine pollution monitoring
+30 2810 337716
Antonios Magoulas's picture
Antonios Magoulas
Research Director
Marine Biodiversity
Phylogeography and population genetics of marine organisms
Genomic approaches in natural and cultivated marine species
+30 2810 33780; 337806
Hooman Moghadam's picture
Hooman K. Moghadam
Research fellow
Computational Biology
Anastasis Oulas's picture
Anastasis Oulas
Research fellow
Microarray data analysis, next generation sequencing data analysis, computational prediction of microRNA genes and targets, web applications development, databases
Evangelos Pafilis's picture
Evangelos Pafilis
Research fellow
Web Application and Database Development
Named Entity Recognition
Data Integration
Automated Experimental Result Annotation
Browser Extension Development
Web Services and Bioinformatics Workflows
Paraskevi Polymenakou's picture
Paraskevi (Voula) N. Polymenakou
Researcher with open contract
Mikrobiokosmos (
Microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning
Molecular microbial ecology
Life in Extreme Environments - Marine Biotechnology
Deep-sea Technologies
Biodegradation of organic pollutants
Aerobiology: climate change and health
+30 2810 337855
Elena Sarropoulou's picture
Elena Sarropoulou
Associate Researcher
Transcriptomics/differential Expression
Metagenomics/Community Genomics
Immune response
Gene evolution / gene duplication
Comparative Genomics
Evolution / Development
+30 2810 337753
Costas Tsigenopoulos's picture
Constantinos (Costas) Tsigenopoulos
Senior Researcher
Biogeography and Molecular Ecology
Phylogenetics and Systematics
Marker Development and Parentage Assignment
Linkage Mapping and Comparative Genomics
+30 2810 337854