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Environmental Chemistry & Microbiological Unit

This Support Unit is fully equipped to carry out in-house a wide spectrum of integrated research activities, for the benefit of all HCMR institutes and departments located in the Crete Centre. It also provides a full range of services for the varied needs of local government and the tourist industry. 

Of the two analytical chemistry labs, one is fully equipped to carry out measurements of organic carbon, chlorophyllous pigments, ATP and nutrients, using up-to-date instrumentation such as fluorometer, biocounter spectrophotometer, CHN analyser and a 5-Channel nutrients analyser. The second analytical laboratory was specially designed to investigate marine pollution and environmental problems with the sensitive equipment needed for the accurate measuring of heavy metals, pesticides and hydrocarbons, including an atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, a High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph and a Gas Chromatograph. 

The microbiology laboratory is equipped to a very high standard to undertake the analysis of marine waters, in particular those water samples taken under the regular monitoring programme for the Cretan coast - an obligatory part of the EC Bathing Waters Directive. The laboratory has all the equipment necessary (plating, incubation, sterilising) for the carrying out of specific analyses and identification of all anthropogenic pathogenic bacteria, and in particular, coliform, faecal coliform, and streptococci strains.




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