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PostDocs currently employed at IMBG

Name Expertise /Research Interests Contact
Dimitris Tsaparis
Post Doc
2810 337719
Cilia Antoniou's picture
Antoniou Aglaia (Cilia)
Post Doc
Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity, Landscape genetics, Population genetics (bridge the realm of theoretical and experimental population genetics), Phylogenetics, Phylogeography. +30 2810 337826
Eva Chatzinikolaou's picture
Eva Chatzinikolaou
Post Doc
Intertidal and lagoon ecology
Marine biodiversity
Population dynamics
Gastropod growth and reproduction
Larval development
Ageing of gastropods using statoliths
Marine pollution and environmental protection
+30 2810 337741
Thanos Dailianis's picture
Thanos Dailianis
Post Doc
Population genetics and phylogeography of benthic invertebrates
Taxonomy and biology of sponges
Marine biodiversity
+30 2810 337842
Jon Kristoffersen's picture
Jon Bent Kristoffersen
Post Doc
Phylogeography, evolution, mutation rates, population genetics, selection, coalescent theory +302810337717
Tereza Manousaki's picture
Tereza Manousaki
Post Doc
Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Ecology, Genomics, Bioinformatics 302810337717
Nafsika Papageorgiou's picture
Nafsika Papageorgiou
Post Doc
marine ecology, coastal ecosystems, human impacts on marine communities and ecosystems, biogeochemistry, biodiversity, benthic communities
Gianpaolo's picture
Gianpaolo Zampicinini
Post Doc
Population and molecular evolutionary genetics
Evolution and population dynamics of mobile genetic elements
Population genetic bioinformatics
Molecular evolution of repetitive and non-coding DNA
PCR-based diagnostics
+30 2810 337741