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Macrofaunal Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sandy Beach Environment

TitleMacrofaunal Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sandy Beach Environment
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPapageorgiou, N, Arvanitidis C, Eleftheriou A
Conference NameThe Mediterranean Coastal Areas from Watershed to the Sea : Interctions and Changes : Proceedings of the Medcore International Conference
Conference LocationFirenze
Type of WorkConference Paper
Keywordsbiodiversity, Macrofauna, mediterranean beaches, sandy beach

Information collected both from sampling activities in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean sandy beaches as well as from the literature has reveled: (i) Severe fluctuations in the values of the abiotic data, consistent with the “multicausal environmental severity hypothesis”; (ii) A tentatively defined zoogeocline from the Eastern to the Western Mediterranean; (iii) Many of the sandy beaches show higher than expected Taxonomic Distinctness values, a fact which is indicative of the less scientific effort spent, and which results in many oligo- or monotypic taxa; (iv) The most plausible results were derived from the taxon of polychaetes, which have also proved to be a successful indicator taxon in other transitional Mediterranean ecosystems.