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Task 1.4 Purchase of four experimental aquaria (large scale bioreactors)

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Purchase of an experimental aquarium system (large scale bioreactor). Bioreactor systems are being used for the ex situ experimental cultivation of marine organisms. These systems use separate enclosures for the enrichment of water and for food production thus enabling the control of suspended food concentration in the major enclosure with the cultivated organisms. They have been used successfully for the experimental cultivation of filter-feeding invertebrates such as sponges, bryozoans, bivalves, ascidians and filter-feeding crustaceans. The experimental aquarium culture system will be equipped by a network of sensors dedicated to the continuous monitoring of the internal environmental conditions, e.g. pH, oxygen, temperature, and salinity. Metabolic wastes and other inhibitory excreted metabolites will be removed from the recycle flow by passing the water through biofilters containing naturally developed microbial populations. Total water volume of the major
enclosure area will be 1,5 m3.

Expected cost: 40,000 €.



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