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Task 1.5. Up-grade of the innovative BBL sampling towed sledge system of IMBG

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In the framework of a European funded project coordinated by IMBG (DG. XIV, Study Project 1999/036) an innovative towed sledge sampling system has been developed for the study of biodiversity of the Benthic Boundary Layer. Despite the fact that successful application of this system has been made within the continental shelf area, today there is a need to up-grade it. The up-graded version will be equipped with three pairs of water sampling bottles, three horizontal plankton nets with opening-closing doors and a colour underwater camera.. The gear will be connected to the towing research vessel by means of a 1000 m long heavy-duty umbilical cable that will be purchased in order to replace the 300 m long existing one. Flow-meters will be mounted in front of the net in order to estimate the volume of the filtered water. An odometer will be mounted at the rear part of the sledge for the continuous measurement of the distance travelled. Finally, a frame with a colour video camera will be attached on the top of the sledge in order to monitor the sampling performance of the gear.


Expected cost: 40,000 €


See full description of the BBL sampling towed sledge system...



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