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Task 1.7: Purchase of hardware

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Purchase of hardware. A Beowulf cluster architecture will be setup with 12 nodes of 8 Xeon (3gHz and 16GB RAM) core each (96 CPUs in total) interconnected with 10GigE and a Storage Area Network of 12TB. In some more detail, the whole system will comprise: 

  • a) Twelve Dell Poweredge nodes (dual Quad Xeon 3GHz,156GB RAM) at an estimated cost of 4,000 € each (48,000 € total),
  • b) 10GigE connection system (card and switch) for interconnecting the nodes (25,500 €) and
  • c) a storage system such as a AoE SAN storage device of 12 TB estimated (24,000 €).


Expected total cost: 97,500 €.



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