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Task 2.1: Research position for genomic approaches in organismal and population biology

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in progress 
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The position should involve a strong background in bioinformatics and an interest to apply evolutionary
approaches to genomics and population data of eukaryotes. The working program of the candidate will involve further establishment of a server/parallel computing facility, optimization of tools and setup of pipelines for genome assembly, annotation, phylogenomics analysis and population Genetics. Weight will be given to pipelines for analysis of new generation sequencing data, such as 454 FLX that are produced at IMBG. The candidate is also expected to participate actively in the definition and development of new creative research directions and in writing proposals, as well as in training in bioinformatics for MSc and PhD students. The impact of such a researcher in biodiversity genomics and informatics arriving at a multifaceted research activity of IMBG, will certainly help raising IMBG as the main marine biodiversity centre of excellence in Eastern Mediterranean. This will be achieved by strengthening the capacity in bioinformatics, which is one of the pillars of modern genomics and biological research in biodiversity.



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