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Task 2.2. Research position for genomics and metagenomics in marine prokaryotic microorganisms

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The position should involve a strong background in bioinformatics of microbial genomes, with an interest to develop research in microbial genomics and metagenomics. The candidate will participate in the development of the Bioinformatics platform for parallel computing, in order to set up and optimize use for analysis of bacterial diversity by means of genomics and metagenomics approaches. Together with the candidate for eukaryotic genomics he will participate in optimization of pipelines for analysis of new generation sequencing data. The candidate will be involved in analysis and in research design of 454 sequencing of bacterial genomes and metagenomes, since IMBG has been accepted as a national sequencing platform within the Society for bacterial ecology “Mikrobiokosmos”. The candidate is also expected to have a very active role in writing proposals such as the forthcoming FP7 call. The impact of the candidate for IMBG excellence will be strong, since bacteria have been proven as the regulators of ecosystems function and maintenance and the major means for sound biotechnological development for energy production, bioremediation and pharmaceutical products development. The only ways to access environmental microbiology is by means of genomics and metagenomics, whose most difficult part is the one of data analysis. Therefore the candidate is expected to add a very strong component in marine microbial genomics.



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