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Task 4.2: Workshop “Analyses of Marine Microbial Genomes and Applications”

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The main objectives of this workshop is to understand the main concepts and tools for microbial genomics, to provide a comprehensive overview of marine microbial genomes sequenced worldwide and to establish new competencies and abilities that will boost microbial genome studies in Eastern Mediterranean. Emphasis will be also given in the biotechnological and other applications of discovered microbes and their products, such as bioremediation (with a particular interest for oil and pesticides in Crete), energy production, CO2 sequestration, protection of monuments. IMBG is the genomics platform and active member of the Hellenic Association of Microbial Ecology, Mikrobiokosmos (, who unites all the active research community in the field of microbial ecology and genomics. The workshops will invite key players in order to have knowledge diffused in the totality of the Greek community.



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