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Task 4.3: Workshop “Modern taxonomy as a cyberscience”

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This workshop will embrace recent and innovative approaches used in genetics and in conventional taxonomy in an integrative way. The attendees will be trained on methods incorporating information deriving by both disciplines through a variety of tools and particularly considering 3D morphological data, databases and ontologies dedicated to morphology. This is a hot field in biodiversity informatics since the two disciplines (genetics and taxonomy) have so far evolved under different frameworks and therefore, have been targeted at different hypothesis testing directions.

The workshop is targeted mainly to PhD students, post-docs and researchers, who aim to get a first introduction of biodiversity informatics. Basic knowledge in informatics will be required.
Through this workshop IMBG will be able to strengthen its research direction towards biodiversity informatics and to train also IMBG personnel. In addition, new collaborations are expected to be established.



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