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Task 4.4. Conference “Mediterranean marine biodiversity in view of climate change and the invasion of alien species”

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IMBG was the co-organizer of the 1st Panhellenic meeting for the invasion of alien species in the Mediterranean, which was held on 5-6 November 2007 in the premises of HCMR, Crete. The proposed conference will be a follow up of this meeting on a broader scale and at a higher level. It will be organized in the 3rd year of the project, prominent international scientists will be invited as keynote speakers and numerous participants are expected to present their research in various aspects of biodiversity research. The progress made at IMBG, also as a result of the support of the EU through the current project will be presented. There will be a one day session on GIS and remote sensing methods for assessment and monitoring of physical parameters in Eastern Mediterranean in collaboration with high profile experts of other Institutes of HCMR (IO, IMBR), as well as of the Technical University of Crete in Chania.

The conference addresses students, as well as researchers working in the field of biodiversity either on
molecular level, physiological or phenotypic (taxonomy) level. It aims to bring together researchers from different fields in order to promote the multidisciplinary and integrated research regarding the response of biodiversity to the climatic change.


It is expected that new ideas for projects, as well as collaborations will be established.



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