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Task 5.1: Strengthening the links of the Institute and dissemination of its activities to the regional society and authorities

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IMBG in collaboration with other institutes of HCMR and especially with Cretaquarium has already
organised various demonstration and educational activities, as well as a number of events for the popularisation of science and public awareness raising, among which were two consecutive European Researcher nights (2006, 2007). Similar dissemination and outreach events will be also organised in the context of the present project, dealing with issues related to marine Mediterranean biodiversity. These events, which will also aim at the economic exploitation of the results, will include:

  • a) seminars to the university students in the course of their biodiversity curricula (regional level) in order to inform them about research advances and recent facilities of the Institute, available for them to use
  • b) open public presentations to communicate the main objectives of the project and its activities for the every-day societal life
  • c) targeted meetings with the local authorities (municipality, prefecture and region), invited representatives from the ministerial level, regional and national stake-holders, such as fishermen societies, marine aquaculture professionals, to explain the project’s results, discuss their problems and needs and exploit if and in which way IMBG could provide assistance in the future.

Printed dissemination material. Leaflets advertising the activities of the institute will be produced and distributed to the authorities, stakeholders and the general public, while at the end of the project a glossy brochure with the project achievements will be released and delivered to the public at large. Large boards displaying the main objectives and implementation of the project will be placed in public places with many visitors such as the Cretaquarium, the Museum of Natural History of Crete, and the University of Crete. The infor



mation displayed in these boards will be published both in English and in Greek and will be updated at regular intervals (6 months or more frequently, if appropriate).



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