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Task 5.2: Increasing the visibility of the Institute at the national and international levels

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Publications in the popular media will be used as a means to increase the visibility of the Institute and its
activities to the general public. The media used include, among others, newspaper and magazine articles, and participation in TV and radio programmes.

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Scientific results supported by the project will be
disseminated to the global scientific community through the publication of articles in peer-reviewed international journals. Publication expenses will be covered by the budget of the project.

The project’s web site. The web site will be developed during the first two months of the project and it will act as the main source of project information. This web page will be maintained after the end of the project and will constitute a basic means for the promotion of the activities of the institute. It will display the logo of the project, the logo of the institute, and the logo of the FP7 and EU. The web page will be updated regularly and on the occasion of special events (e.g. workshops, information products available etc). It will support various electronic media for massive dissemination of the project’s information, such as RSS feeds and forum for e-Conferences. The data will be available on the MedOBIS (Mediterranean Ocean Biogeographic Information System) web server, and will be updated with the project’s priorities and obligations. Also, the MedOBIS mailing list will be enlarged to include more recipients interested in the information produced by the project activities. Calls for proposals, search for partners, vacancies, student grants.



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