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Task 5.3: Linking IMBG activities with related programmes or initiatives

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The linking of the activities of the research projects carried out by the IMBG with the corresponding ones from other relevant projects and initiatives at national, EU and international level (e.g. Encyclopaedia of Life, CBOL, iSpecies, uBIO, EDIT NoE, PESI, SeaDataNET, LIFEWATCH, etc.) is of paramount importance for the successful exploitation of the capabilities offered by the present project. This will be achieved through the participation of the Institute’s members to the meetings and events held in the context of the above projects and initiatives. In these meetings, the developments of channels for science, information and technology transfer and exchange will be fully exploited. IMBG should serve these projects in providing relevant scientific results and information and it would benefit from the technology and standards developed by them. The latter is very important for IMBG to ensure its presence in the mainstream of the discipline even after the end of the project (see also WP6).

Three reports on the dissemination and promotion activities of the project will be prepared and published, at annual intervals.



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