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Workshop: Genomics in Biodiversity

The workshop targeted mainly PhD students and post-docs, but also researchers interested in high-throughput DNA analysis methods were welcome. Basic knowledge in informatics was required but not mandatory. Through this workshop IMBG facilities promoted possible new collaborations. In addition, IMBG personnel had also the opportunity to follow lectures comprising new DNA analysis methods and their integration to applied research as lectures of top ranked institutes were invited to give lectures. Within this framework Dr. Hooman Moghadam from the Oxford University were invited to talk about Connecting Genotype to Phenotype in the Genomics Era: Challenges & Opportunities followed by Dr. Pavlos Pavlidis, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS gGmbH) who gave an Introduction to Detecting positive selection: i) Machine-learning and Bayesian approaches ii) Selection in multiple-locus models. The second part of the Workshop two invited speakers talked about different methods to approach several topics in biodiversity; Dr. Marcos A. Antezana, FCUL from the University of Lisboa gave a lecture about Mapping combinations of effects in genomics: yes, it used to be computationally "impossible"and Dr. Gianpaolo Zampicinini Marie-Curie Post-doc at IMBG-HCMR talked about Transposable elements: applications in population genetics and phylogeny". During the break as well as after the lectures round tables and discussions were carried out between students, lectors and researchers from all over Europe. In addition demonstrations and short introduction to the next generation sequencing techniques in the laboratory of IMBG were Running shoes | Nike Off-White

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