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Integration of gender dimension in the socioeconomic analysis

TitleIntegration of gender dimension in the socioeconomic analysis
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFanini, L
EditorScapini, F, Ciampi G
Book TitleAbout Coastal Water Bodies – Nature and Culture Conflicts in the Mediterranean
KeywordsEmpowerment, Gender And Development (GAD), Rural environments, Traditional activities

Men and women carry out different and complementary activities, specially if we consider rural
environments. The environmental resources are therefore differently used and perceived with respect
to gender, and different needs may emerge. To achieve equality conditions, these features should be
considered in a constructive way and in an integrated perspective, avoiding gender segregation also in the
theoretical perspective. Women activities and duties are often related to the domestic sphere and, even if
essential to the household, generally do not generate money flow, so they may escape the socio-economic
approach. A tuning is needed, to give voice to all social components, also considering their different (in
space, time, status, power, etc.) scales. This chapter synthetically illustrates how the challenge of gender
integration in the socioeconomic analysis was faced throughout the WADI project