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Paraskevi Polymenakou

Oral presentation
Polymenakou, PN.  2009.  Exploring the deep sea microbial communities of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. MicrobeGr-Workshop: Molecular approaches to unravel the hidden microbial work, University of Ioannina, Agrinio, Greece.
Polymenakou, PN, Mandalakis M.  2008.  Bacterial pathogens transported with Saharan dust fine particles. Working Group on Outdoor Airborne Pathogens and Human Health, Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, University College London, UK.
Polymenakou, PN.  2008.  Deep-Sea Microbial diversity and ecosystems: The uniqueness of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus: invited lecture.
Polymenakou, PN, Lampadariou N, Mandalakis M, Tselepides A.  2008.  The unique bacterial diversity of the Eastern Mediterranean deep-sea oxic sediments. EMBO Workshop: Microbial diversity and metagenomics: science, technology, applications and regulatory affairs.