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Project Involvements

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Title Coordinating Institute Begin of project (Year) End of project (Year) Funding Source Responsibilities
VECTORS Plymouth Marine Laboratory 2011 2015 EU FP7 Participation in the development of systematic reviews, Biological Trait Analysis, Experimental case studies
Environmental monitoring of Sewage water Treatment Plant of Heraklion City IMBG 2011 2012 Water Board Authority of Heraklion City sampling
MAPMED University of Cagliary 2011 2014 ENPI CBCMED organisation of sampling campaigns, participation to sampling campaigns, chemical analysis of samples, preparation of activitties reports and financial reports
ViBRANT Natural History Museum (London) 2010 2013 EU FP7 Preparation of training material, Evaluation of data, Ecological indices
HELBIONET Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics 2010 2011 General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministry of Development Member of the management team, Communication, Website update, Organisation of workshops, Preperation of proceedings, reports and the Feasibility Study
EMBOS 2010 2012 EU, COST funding instrument
EVAMAP IMBG 2010 2011 GSRT-Egide, Joint research and Technology Programmes, ESPA Lagoon sampling, live polychaete sorting, water sample filtration
PESI Zoological Museum Amsterdam 2009 2011 EU FP7 Assembly of national species lists
Production of Electronic Educational Material for Environmental Education Education Research Centre of Greece 2007 2008 2nd Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training – 3rd EU Community Support Framework, Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs Member of the scientific team for the development of 1) theoritical courses for students and teachers, 2) interactive games, activities and exercises, and 3) a user's manual for teachers